Plastic Free Event

We have created the MTF 2018 Plastic Free Kit

Every delegate will receive the following – just for attending the 2018 Mekong Tourism Forum, and joining the discussion of “Transforming Travel – Transforming Lives”:

 1. Refillable Water Bottle:
For the second time, after MTF 2017 in Luang Prabang, we are banning single-use plastic bottles at MTF 2018. Every delegate will receive a beautifully-designed, limited edition stainless steel refillable water bottle. You can only get it as registered MTF 2018 delegate, but you can use it for many years and continue saving plastic.  MTF 2018 venues and official hotels will act as refill stations. The Mekong Tourism Forum is a proud supporter of the Refill Asia initiative. 
 2. Bamboo Straws:
Introduced at the MTF 2017 Food Festival, to reduce the use of plastic straws, every registered MTF 2018 delegate will receive one bamboo straw, provided by Bamboo Lao, a 2018 Mekong Innovative Startups in Tourism (MIST) finalist. 
 3. Village Shirt:
Produced by the ethnic tribal villages around Nakhon Phanom in Isaan Province, every delegate registered for one of the Thematic Strategy Workshops (Village Experience) will receive one limited-edition MTF 2018 shirt. 
 4. Delegates Bags:
To reduce plastic bags, every delegate will receive a traditional bag produced by the villages. In traditional village fashion, the bag will become a handy companion to put anything from notebook, refillable bottle, and souvenirs. 
 5. Delegate Badges & Lanyards:
At most conferences, delegate badges are made out of plastic, and never re-used. At MTF 2018, we will be using badges made out of cardboard, and lanyards produced in the villages. Not only beautiful, but also plastic-free.