Speaker Nomination

Year-round, the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office recruits dynamic experts, to speak at MTCO-organized events – including our capstone event, the annual Mekong Tourism Forum.

To ensure that the MTCO consistently delivers unparalleled quality content, innovative thinking, provocative subject matter and top-notch expertise, we seek and pursue candidates who share a collective interest in responsible tourism development in the Greater Mekong Subregion.

We offer below a Speaker Nomination form as the single most effective channel for you (or the individual whom you nominate) to be considered as a guest speaker for MTCO events.

  • Nominations are reviewed monthly. Please send us an email to info<at>mekongtourism.org. The MTCO keeps each speaker nomination in an active file for one year – the active file is consulted regularly to find just the right speakers to match specific events, subject matter requirements and audience needs.
  • The MTCO does not pay honorariums. Instead, we deliver to our guest experts a compelling mix of decision makers, influencers and media. With this in mind, we view our arrangements with speakers as a “trade” of services. Association with the MTCO and speaking engagements at MTCO events tend to offer our speakers additional credibility, influence and visibility.
  • We expect our speakers to refrain from self promotion. We have a powerful outreach engine that does that work for our speakers. Our speakers do not need to “sell” their products or services from the podium – it’s a practice we frown upon and one that that erodes our credibility.

Please add the following information in your email:

> What is your Expertise?
> What you would like to present?
> In which format?
> Which event, or is a general nomination?
> Are you an active member of the Mekong Tourism Contributor Program?

Thank you for taking the time to review our approach. We look forward to your nomination.